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Book One: Mercury's Shadow

Available Now! Mercury’s Shadow is the debut novel from PJ Garcin.

Imogen “Chim” Esper is thrust into the center of an interplanetary conflict when her father is injured on a spacewalk on a mining station. Wracked with guilt over her own role in the events leading to the accident and the cold indifference of the Kardashev corporation, Chim struggles to find her place in a society that is poised for revolutionary transformation.

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Book Two: Chimera's Prism

Available Now! Chimera’s Prism is the thrilling sequel to Mercury’s Shadow.

Imogen “Chim” Esper finds herself the most wanted person in the system. Setting a course for Earth, she delves deeper into the mystery of her own family. Alton Neal is determined to find Chim and have her face the consequences of her actions. In the aftermath of Mercury’s Shadow, the Kardashev corporation tightens its grip on power in the system.

Book 1 Cover

Book Three: Eternity's Veil

Available Now! Eternity’s Veil is the gripping conclusion to The Kardashev Cycle.

Imogen “Chim” Esper has lost everything to Alton Neal, CEO of the Kardashev Corporation. And he still hasn’t stopped hunting her. She finds herself alone in her quest for vengeance against the interplanetary behemoth. Alton Neal’s obsession with his legacy drives him to new lengths to secure his place in the future of civilization. His relentless quest for power puts him on a collision course with Chim and the rest of the system.

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Sol's Dawn: Origin Stories

A collection of prequel stories—free for all mailing list subscribers!—Origin Stories in the Kardashev Cycle—Sol’s Dawn, details the early incarnation of the Kardashev Corporation and the events leading up to Mercury’s Shadow.