Introducing PJ Garcin's Bits++Lit

The next evolution of the PJ Garcin Reader Update mailing list.

Introducing PJ Garcin's Bits++Lit

Happy summer to all. Here in the east, it’s been pretty intense with wildfires, floods and scorching ocean temps. It seems like we’re only a few steps away from a typical post-apocalyptic novel setting!

After the release of Eternity’s Veil, Book Three of the Kardashev Cycle, I’ve been puttering away at some other projects—stay tuned for what’s next.

One of those projects is migrating my mailing list to a new platform: Substack.

As part of that migration, this mailing list has picked up a title: Bits++Lit to reflect the combo of technology and writing that drives my work. For you, dear reader, nothing has changed other than you might notice the email comes from Substack instead of Mailerlite. You can still unsubscribe at any time if you’re not interested in this content, but changing platforms opens up a bunch of new possibilities:

  • More regular content including exclusive stories, audio content and more.
  • The ability to give rewards and bonus content for engaged readers.
  • The ability to interact in more ways: you can comment on posts now.
  • Better customization, where as the content evolves you’ll have more control over what types of posts you want to see from me.

I’m just getting started on this platform so it’s still a work in progress, but hopefully it will mean more content and the start of a more interactive community. With social media continuing its downward spiral, enhancing my direct reader community has become much more important.

Lots more to come! Welcome aboard the new and improved mailing list, Bits++Lit!

ps. While this is just getting going if you run into any issues (ie. didn’t receive a link to your copy of Sol’s Dawn) you can just reply to this and I’ll do my best to help you out.

If you’re reading this on the web and want to see more posts like this, you can subscribe for free and you’ll even get a copy of Sol’s Dawn delivered right to your inbox!